Son Nguyen

Master Son Nguyen


Master Son Nguyen has a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Arizona. He began his instructor training with the American Taekwonodo Association (ATA) under Chief Master Mark Kaup Lee’s guidance and became an ATA Certified Instructor in 1981.

Master Son Nguye believes that all of his students can take advantage of goal setting techniques which are part of the very foundation of Songahm Taekwondo. The ATA’s unique training program will not only take you from a white belt to a black belt; it will also help you achieve success in all areas of your life. Whether your goal is to improve your self-discipline, self-confidence, your ability to defend yourself from threats or improve your fitness, he is confident that Gilbert ATA Martial Arts-Arizona has the right program for you.

While Master Son Nguye enjoys running Gilbert AZ ATA Martial Arts on a daily basis, he has set new goals and continues his own Martial Arts training to become a better Martial Artist and Master Instructor. He earned his Mastership at the ATA’s World Tournament in Little Rock, Arkansas in July of 2014.

ATA Certified Chief Instructor
30 years of Training and Experience in ATA Taekwondo
PPCT Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention (SHARP) Instructor Certification
ATA Bullying Prevention Trained
PPCT Spontaneous Knife Defense Basic Certification
Gun Disarm and Defense
ATA Sparring Level 1 Instructor
ATA Mid-Range Jahng Bong Instructor
ATA Gum Do Instructor
ATA Ssahng Nat Instructor
ATA Single and Double Ssahng Jeol Bong Instructor
ATA Combat Weapons Sparring Instructor
Warrior X-Fit Certified Instructor
Tai Chi

Titles and Awards:
2014 Mastership
2011 World Champion
Multiple Southwest District Championships
Multiple Top Ten Competitions